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MANA Awards $20,000 in Scholarships

$20,000 in Scholarships to 29 Students!
2023 Scholarship recipients at Southwest Union High School

On June 3, 2023, MANA de Imperial Valley held its annual Scholarship Ceremony at the Southwest High School Library in El Centro where 29 local students were awarded scholarships. The scholarship amounts ranged from $500 to $1000. Scholarship recipients will be attending various universities throughout the United States.

"The annual scholarship ceremony is the culmination of MANA's schoarship program" - Ida Obeso-Martinez, MANA President.

This ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of local students and honor their efforts to seek a college education. MANA is deeply grateful to its members, community, and business leaders for their generous support of the Scholarship Program and to Southwest High School for the use of the library.

The Scholarship Program is coordinated by Martha Cardenas-Singh and Belen Granados. Mrs. Granados, a previous scholarship recipient, served as the ceremony's keynote speaker. She is a graduate of Central Union High School and works as a Deputy District Attorney for the Imperial County District Attorney's Office. Mrs. Granados shared her story and encouraged students to be proud of their roots in the Imperial Valley as they continue their academic journey. Since 2007, MANA has awarded close to $235,000 in local scholarships. The Annual Las Primeras Awards & Scholarship Fundraiser provides the majority of the proceeds to fund the scholarship program.

Would you like to donate to MANA de Imperial Valley's Scholarship Program fund? Visit to donate today!

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