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"The Golden Goose"

Esperanza Colio-Warren an inspiration to all Latina women!

Esperanza Colio-Warren, "The Golden Goose"

On April 23rd, 2022, Esperanza Colio-Warren, among ten other San Diego State Alumni, were honored at the 46th San Diego State University Alumni Awards of Distinction. These awards are given to those who have made significant contributions to the University. Esperanza Colio-Warren currently serves as the Deputy County Executive Office of Imperial County. She is also a former 2017 MANA de Imperial Valley Las Primeras honoree and an active MANA member.

"Life can be rough for women but it's up to me to find our ways to make them work"

We are proud to see Esperanza represent women, the Imperial Valley, and MANA de Imperial Valley with dignity and grace. Congratulations, Esperanza! We are very proud to call you an herMANA!

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