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We Are MANA!

Meet our Membership

Are you looking for an organization to join that will advocate for education, leadership development, community service, and Latinas? If so, please consider becoming a member today! Membership dues are used to fund local scholarships, youth programs, and community service projects. Anyone can join, you do not have to be Hispanic or a woman to join. Everyone is welcome! To join, click on the application button below.

Thank you for your support! 

What does MANA stand for? 

MANA used to stand for Mexican American National Association, named when it was originally founded in 1974 by Mexican-American women. In January 1994, members voted to become MANA, a national Latina Organization, to reflect the growing diversity of its membership. Today, MANA is the largest national pan-Latina membership organization. 

What does MANA do? 

MANA empowers Latinas through education, leadership development, community service, and advocacy. MANA also provides resources through workshops, conferences, and youth programs. 

Who are MANA's Members?

MANA members are homemakers, college students, government employees, and professionals in accounting, education, law enforcement, politics, philanthropy, social work, science, heath, engineering, the media, artist, entertainers, and elected officials. MANA members are ANYONE who share our mission! Become a member today! 

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